Musings about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Farm at IL Fiorello, and good eating.

Ciao Ann

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An Ode To 2020: 12 Days on an Olive Farm

2020 has been quite the year for us all. In its honor, we have written our very own version of the Christmas classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. We look forward to a better year for health, happiness and many more olives and we wish the same for you! While we are waiting for 2021 […]

Pizelles – A Christmas Tradition

When the final co-milled oil is done, the mill is clean, and the weather turns cold, I know that it is time to bring out the pizzelle maker. Pizzelle are delicious, tiny, very beautiful cookies. Named because they are flat and sweet. Like little lady sweet pizzas. I have been making pizzelles since 1975, yes […]

Christmas Blog

Tuscan Pan Forte is an ancient, and may I say a better, version of today’s fruitcake. Very delicious with lots of unique flavors, easy to make, and even easier to eat.  A colleague in Italy, Judy Witts Francini, (, posted a recipe that she loves.  She has a wonderful blog and cooking school near Florence, […]

Olive Oil Expiry

The Food Dating Scam

With everyone in “shelter in place”, we are all trying to figure out what we have in the pantry/refrigerator/ freezer. And, what is good and what is not good. Relax most is good. However, use the FIFO policy, first in first out, of the refrigerator and pantry. Eat fresh, if you can, during this difficult […]

Stick Your Neck Out Chick

May 2020 When you write blogs you find interesting things. Because I work on a Farm and there is dust and dirt and sweat and chickens. I often resort to Halls cough drops and lots of water for a “restorative”. Sort of. Has anyone ever had the time to read the Hall’s cough drop labels? […]

Sustaining our Souls During Difficult Times

April 15, 2020 We all know that this time is very bad. We are all in this together, but the good news is that we do not have to do our taxes today! Hardly a bright note but not staying up late over tax data is ok by me. We can defer that headache until […]


A RECIPE FOR TODAY’S CHALLENGES DO NOT WASTE ANYTHING—EVER STOCK AND CHEESE STOCK, STOCK, AND MORE STOCK TO STOCK UP ON FOR YOUR PANTRY All the tidbits of vegetables that are hiding out in the back of your refrigerator make excellent stock. It cooks itself and makes the house smell great. I think vegetable stock […]

Spring Has Arrived

April 1, 2020 If you cannot come to us, we can ship to you! Or we can meet you at the front steps. Call ahead please so we can be prepared to help you. This is a difficult time for everyone. Let us all try to flatten the curve. If you are local and if […]


March 24, 2020 Today am sitting at home in the midst of a rainstorm. Yesterday I worked in the yard, pruning, cutting, digging, feeding citrus and planting more seeds. All with the intention of growing food for my family and my Farm. I have been corresponding with an Italian Physician friend in Vancouver, Canada, and […]


Even though IL Fiorello is Italian and makes olive oil, part of my family, on my Mother’s side is Irish, through and through. My mother believed in the “little people” and I heard a wonderful piece of music on the way home last night, called Ode to the Fairies of Ireland. It brought back lots […]


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