May 2021

We are in full-on olive blossom set! Olive pollen everywhere. The Pendolino trees are doing their job of pollinating all the other olives. The Suisun wind is helping move the pollen around the Grove. This year looks like it will be a good year for production.  Given that last year was so poor for everyone, […]

Olive Grove

It’s Time to Prune The Olives

  It is time again to prune the olives – but didn’t I just do that. A whole year has passed so quickly. Italian Proverb “Prune each tree so a swallow can fly through the tree without touching its wings.” Get those shears sharpened. Clean the blades, Grab a good hat, a flexible pair of […]

Olive Oil Expiry

The Food Dating Scam

With everyone in “shelter in place”, we are all trying to figure out what we have in the pantry/refrigerator/ freezer. And, what is good and what is not good. Relax most is good. However, use the FIFO policy, first in first out, of the refrigerator and pantry. Eat fresh, if you can, during this difficult […]


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