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About Us

IL Fiorello is a family-owned company dedicated to growing and milling the finest quality artisan olive oil. Owners Ann and Mark Sievers produce oil from their own certified organic groves. Their properties are located in Green Valley and Suisun Valley between Fairfield and Napa Valley, a still-rural area where creek-side soils allow good drainage for the trees.

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Our Story

Our History

IL Fiorello is owned by Ann Fiorello Sievers and Mark Sievers.

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Our Team

We couldn’t do this without our IL Fiorello team!

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Learn About Olive Oils

All the facts about olive oil, milling & tasting

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Olive Varietals

There are thousands of olive varietals.

At IL Fiorello, we grow 13 varieties of olives, all from the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

Each olive varietal has a unique taste, and each olive variety gives us a different volume of oil.

Each type of olive tree looks a little diffrent and each blossom is unique

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Harvest Tips

Olives ripen in the Fall, just like grapes and apples.

At IL Fiorello, we harvest 70% green and 30% black. This gives a perfect balance of fruit, aroma, bitterness, and pungency. All the information you need about how to bring your olives to us to mill and turn into great oils.

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Extra Virgin Certification

A standard of quality of our olive oil.

This certification includes a Master Taste Panel evaluation and a Chemistry Analysis to ensure quality in Extra Virgin Olive Oil in California.

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IL Fiorello Mill


We could not have gotten to where we are today without the help of local friends and experts.
Below is a list of important resources for anyone interested in growing olives or producing olive oil.

The Olive Oil Commission of California

UC Davis Olive Center

UC Davis Integrated Pest Management

Sue Langstaff, Applied Sensory, LLC

Gruppo Pieralisi


Why is olive oil good for you?

Olive oil abounds with flavor, antioxidants and polyphenols and is an unsaturated fat.  That means it is a very valuable food product. It is a central part of the Mediterranean diet, when combined with good food, mostly vegetables, and exercise. Olive Oil is an ancient food that deserves a place on the modern table

What is the best way to taste olive oil?

Taste it by itself and taste it with good food

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A Balance of

* Aroma



Warm and Swirl the Oil – Release the Aroma

Smell the Oil – Smell & Appreciate the Aroma

Taste the Oil – Note Flavor & Bitterness

Swallow the Oil – Appreciate the Pungency

Exhale Out Your Nose for a Second Pass Aromas

How much oil comes from the olive?

Not much. The quality and quantity depend on the variety of the olive, and the maturity, or how ripe the olive is at the time of harvest. If you mill a ton of olives, you get approximately 35-40 gallons of olive oil.  If you crush a ton of grapes, you get approximately 160 gallons of juice.