Olive Varietals

The Italians:

Frantoio. Frantoio means mill in Italian, this variety is clean robust and pungent. Harvested early it is paired with savory foods.

Leccino. Italian variety Silky smooth with a long lovely finish. A great oil to pair with fresh pasta, mashed potatoes, and a perfect baked potato.

Moraiolo. Italian, usually a blending variety, but green pungent and delicious by itself.

Pendolino. Italian. This is our pollinator of all the olives. The oil is usually delicate, green and grassy. Pairs well with vegetables.

Taggiasca. Grown in the Italian and French Rivera on steep terraces. Delicious deep flavors usually harvested late in the season, resulting in a buttery but very aromatic oil.

Cerignolo. Grown for brining and eating. Huge olive with lots of flavor. Six trees will produce enough to brine and sample at the Visitors Center.

The French:

Aglandau, Tanche, and Boutellian blended to our classic elegant French blend. Delicious with eggs, omelets, and classic French presentations.

The Greek:

Koroneiki is the classic Greek olive. Grown in both high density and standard vase shaped plantings, this oil is green luscious and delicious. Greek food is its best complement.

The Spanish:

Arbequina and Mission. Grown on site as a tribute to the Spanish padres who settled in California, pairs well with fresh ripe tomatoes from the garden.

The Tunisian:

Chemlali, our newest addition to the Grove. From Tunisia, drought tolerant tree. We will see how this variety accommodates to living in California. Expected production in 3 to 5 years.