Extra Virgin Certification

If you want your olive oil to be labeled as Extra Virgin, it must pass a two step certification process. It is illegal to label oil as Extra Virgin without having been certified.

1. Chemical Analysis

Submit a sample to a certified laboratory for chemical analysis. Your oil must meet specific chemical standards: 0.5% or less free fatty acids and a peroxide value of 20 meq O2/kg or less.  If you produce 100 gallons or more, an ultra violet absorbency analysis is also required.  Here are two labs we recommend:


(707) 924-4789

[email protected]

Baker Wine and Grape Analysis

(805) 226-8386

[email protected]

2. Sensory Evaluation

Once your oil passes the chemical test, it must be evaluated by a trained taste panel.  Submit your oil for a sensory evaluation to an official panel. We suggest:

Applied Sensory

(707) 344-0254

[email protected]