Random Thoughts

Organic Farming is Important

IL Fiorello is double certified by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) and Certified Naturally Grown. C.N.G. is a cooperative farmer driven certification that covers our entire Farm. CCOF certifies our olive groves. Organic is a legal term defined by the FDA. But it really means that the farmer who is certified organic has a deep […]

Cluckington Manor

HENS  *  EGGS  *  AND A CHICKEN RETIREMENT HOME           Once upon a time there was Gladys, Henrietta, and Freida and 9 other girls. And the one gentleman, a Barred Rock, named Captain Nelson for his leadership qualities.  They arrived on Father’s Day as a gift to Mark! A huge surprise including an egg collecting […]

Chilled Cucumber Soup

INGREDIENTS: 6 Cucumbers 5 6′ long cucumbers & 1/2 one for garnish 3/4 Cup Vegetable stock 1/4 Cup IL Fiorello Koronieki Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3Tbsp Lemon Juice 2 Cloves Garlic Salt & Pepper 1 Tbsp Sherry Vinegar  

February 2022

 HERE’S TO YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR HEART From the heart of IL Fiorello to you and yours     Olive oil is good for you, it is delicious and plays well with food. It is an important part of the Mediterranean Diet. Good olive oil makes the food better, and good food makes the oil […]

January 2022

A DAY AT IL FIORELLO The Day Begins at Sunrise Sunrise, with hope for a better day. Good strong coffee, sleepy cats, and an amazing sky. I begin the day with a sense of urgency to accomplish something good, something that will have influence in my life, my staff, and my guests at IL Fiorello. […]

IL Fiorello Christmas 2021

  It is the most wonderful time of the year. The OLIVES are milling And Abby is singing It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It is the hap-happiest season of OIL. With OLIVES a dropping and growers arriving And all our good friends coming to call Our milling season is the happiest time […]


It has now been ONE YEAR since we were last able to host a formal olive oil tasting!  ONE YEAR! How can all this happen and where did 2020 go?? It went by .. and we are glad it is gone and behind us.     COVID has definitely changed our business. We cannot do […]

An Ode To 2020: 12 Days on an Olive Farm

2020 has been quite the year for us all. In its honor, we have written our very own version of the Christmas classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. We look forward to a better year for health, happiness and many more olives and we wish the same for you! While we are waiting for 2021 […]

Pizelles – A Christmas Tradition

When the final co-milled oil is done, the mill is clean, and the weather turns cold, I know that it is time to bring out the pizzelle maker. Pizzelle are delicious, tiny, very beautiful cookies. Named because they are flat and sweet. Like little lady sweet pizzas. I have been making pizzelles since 1975, yes […]

Christmas Blog

Tuscan Pan Forte is an ancient, and may I say a better, version of today’s fruitcake. Very delicious with lots of unique flavors, easy to make, and even easier to eat.  A colleague in Italy, Judy Witts Francini, (divinacucina.com), posted a recipe that she loves.  She has a wonderful blog and cooking school near Florence, […]


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