An Ode To 2020: 12 Days on an Olive Farm

2020 has been quite the year for us all. In its honor, we have written our very own version of the Christmas classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. We look forward to a better year for health, happiness and many more olives and we wish the same for you!

While we are waiting for 2021 to finally arrive, enjoy our “Ode to 2020: 12 Days on an Olive Farm”!


On the first day of Christmas, my little farm shared with me


A very noisy rose garden rooster

Rose-Garden Rooster


Two – Dirty four-wheel rovers

Dirty Four-Wheel Rovers


Three – French hens (minus two)

French Hens 1


Four – Chemlali olives (in total)


Five – Italian olives (in total)

Italian Olives


Six – Geese a waddling (and Larry chasing them)

Geese a Waddling


Seven – Swans a swimming (masquerading as supervisors of the canal)


Eight – Greek olives (in total)


Nine – Power outages (thank you PG&E)

Power Outages


Ten – French olives (in total)


Eleven – Backyard heaters


Twelve – Total gallons of oil!


From our family to yours: Peace to all and wishes for good health and a better year for 2021. Happy New Year!