Musings about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Farm at IL Fiorello, and good eating.

Ciao Ann

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This is the time for giving thanks. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Milling is finishing. We have made great oils. The days are cooler. Family and friends gather to celebrate a uniquely American Holiday. We always cook our turkey outside in the grill. The aroma of the coals and turkey enticing us to finish all […]


My favorite time of the year is the Fall Harvest and milling season. The bounty of our Farm, the organic garden, and the Olive harvest is in full swing. This season closely links the Farm and the Kitchen in the Grove. Tasting plates at the Visitors Center reflect our garden’s produce and the uniqueness of […]


Olive harvest is getting closer, and we are very excited. The mill is clean, the spare parts and replacement parts have arrived, and updates to the computer systems are completed. All the computer updates to our databases for documentation are ready to go. The centrifuge is balanced and ready to work. The technician from Pieralisi […]


AUGUST 2018 This month we celebrate tomatoes in Solano County. The Tomato Festival was very successful. IL Fiorello held the Tomato Cooking contest, with categories that included Salsa, Soup, Salad, and Sauce. Fantastic recipes were submitted, and winners were announced at the Festival Grandstand in Downtown Fairfield on Sunday. Congratulations to all who entered the […]

French Vanilla Lavender Sugar Cookies with Creamy Lemon Frosting

Célébrons avec les Français le bleu, blanc, et rouge! (It’s the 14th of July!! Let’s celebrate with the French the blue, white, and red!) Are these cookies really from a French recipe? Um, no. But we’re willing to bet our French friends would love them!! Ingredients: Cookies: 1/2 cup Il Fiorello Citrus Blend Co-Milled Oil […]

We won Awards??

WE HAVE WON AWARDS! WE HAVE WON GREAT AWARDS! WE HAVE WON FABULOUS AWARDS!   Years of hard work, hours of milling, great equipment from Gruppo Pieralisi,  and the result: GOLD MEDALS, SILVER MEDALS, BRONZE MEDALS BEST OF CLASS & BEST OF SHOW! Congratulations to our staff for their support, dedication, kindness, and forward-thinking to […]

Spring 2018

Blossoms of oranges and lemons and the wisteria make the air so fragrant at the front door of our Visitors Center.   I cannot imagine a better way to greet guests.  Spring is special on a Farm. So many plants and animals are growing. We present a collage of all that is blooming and growing at […]

WE SAVED THE PIES…and laughed all the way home.

When I began this olive oil business, I imagined, and planned, that food would be a huge part of my business.  After all, olive oil and good healthy food go together.  But little did I know 10 years ago, how important this aspect would become. As we have developed the cooking school, the Kitchen in […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Great Wine, and Superb Chocolate

Organic olive oils that win international awards, an organic farm that produces great food from our organic garden and the choices of sustainable organic wines that taste beyond delicious. A trusted purveyor and miller. What more could you ask for? What makes a great pairing? It really is very simple, use very good ingredients, simply […]


It may be the darkest time of the year, when all we want is a fire in the fireplace, warm chili, and a great glass of wine, but the trees in front of our Visitors Center are anything but dark and dreary. The citrus trees have dark green shiny leaves, and are just covered with […]


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