March 24, 2020

Today am sitting at home in the midst of a rainstorm. Yesterday I worked in the yard, pruning, cutting, digging, feeding citrus and planting more seeds. All with the intention of growing food for my family and my Farm.

I have been corresponding with an Italian Physician friend in Vancouver, Canada, and someone who is as passionate as I am about olive oil. He said something so important, “ grow valuable food”. People will need this. He struck an important cord, that in the midst of isolation, I had put aside. I was worried about my family, my staff, and my business. But I am in the business of growing food, good food and we shall continue to do so even in this virus isolation.

My olive trees are growing, buds of olive flower are beginning to appear. Our fruit trees are laden with blossoms. The citrus is prolific and the more we harvest, to make jams and jellies, the more blossoms pop out. We have juiced lemons to prepare for Lavender Lemonade at Lavender Weekend in June. We have frozen Blood Orange Juice for drinks. I still have some pomegranate juice to make jelly and ices for the summer. We have to think ahead, even in the midst of worry.

In the greenhouse, little starts are strong and happy. Peppers, beans, tomatoes and flowers for beauty. Nick, Able and EJ just make everything grow. I have some eggplant starts at home that are just thinking of popping out. Today I sent to the Farm, five 7 foot tall Chayote plants. They were very near to taking over my kitchen. They are for Chayote, apple, and lemon salad this summer.

Early this morning I was reading the Smithsonian Magazine, and National Geographic and in sane times this makes sense but today even more.

Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.
Maya Angelou

If you are safe at home, take the time for quiet to center your soul. Look forward to better times. Thank the health care staff for being there and for us not being there.

Take pleasure in these pictures that will help us all look forward and grow valuable food for everyone.

Wash your hands stay safe.

I will keep everyone posted on the “growth” at the Farm at IL Fiorello.