Tomato Time at IL Fiorello

It is August! And it is Tomato Time at IL Fiorello!


The bounty of our gardens is keeping us busy in the kitchen. Isaiah and Abby are making tomato everything, sauce, dried tomatoes, tidbits, and roasted tomatoes. Tomatoes and our Mission Olive Oil are a perfect August pairing.  Nick planted over 20 varieties of tomatoes. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Polenta with sun-dried tomato, topped with mascarpone cheese, is a guest favorite. The Visitor Center smells delicious and healthy.

I came home late the other evening and my older daughter had left a sweet note for us.

Dinner is ready “TOMATO TOAST”!   A very favorite summer dinner.

Warm toasted whole wheat bread, drizzled with Mission Olive Oil, and a large slice of fresh-from-the-garden tomato on top. Condiments, if you want, homemade mayonnaise, made with our “girls” eggs, sardines, salt, and pepper.  Served with a light red wine, slightly chilled. Watching the sunset from our deck. Some parts of life are still sweet.



Milling season is fast approaching.  It is always amazing how fast a year can fly by.

On the Farm, the olives are growing well with no sign of olive fly. The intense heat and our regular regimen of GF-120 seems to have kept them at bay. We are excited to have enough Chemlali, originally from Tunisia, to pair with house-made hummus and Za’atar from North Africa.  The young Koronieki olives are prolific. We hope to make a lovely green grassy Koronieki oil this year. Much to be thankful for in this difficult year.

Our new centrifuge is installed, and we are looking forward to milling larger volumes and better oil. We met with Pieralisi Co. and our support from them is helpful even with all the supply chain problems in shipment and procurement.


Our lunch specials on weekends are continuing and we are planning for luscious cool weather foods for milling season.

Look ahead, move forward, think of where we have begun and where we will go from here.







For 4 – 6 people

4 large tomatoes – cut into half

Or 3 cups cherry tomatoes – whole

1 red onion – large dice

1 white onion – large dice

1 bell pepper quartered or large dice

2 cloves of garlic minced

½ cucumber large dice

½ fresh jalapeno – minced

2 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

Fresh cilantro – 1 bunch

½ cup Lime juice

½ cup Frantoio – for roasting

2 ears of corn – roasted and cut from the cob


Prepare the vegetables and coat with IL Fiorello Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Roast all the vegetables until blistered – about 20 minutes at 350° F

Cool to room temperature

Using a blender, pulse all the vegetables until chunky

Add lime juice and adjust Salt and Pepper to taste.

Mix the roasted corn into the salsa.

Better if made fresh the day it is served.


Tortilla Chips, Scrambled Eggs, Burritos

Topping for any grilled steak or fish