Musings about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Farm at IL Fiorello, and good eating.

Ciao Ann

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Old Crushing Stones Part of History

When you drive into the entrance at Il Fiorello, we have two granite crushing stones sent from Italy by the Pieralisi Company. They came with our new mill. Each weighs more than two tons and is 200-300 years old. We are not sure what part of Italy they came from, but we appreciate the work […]

It’s Awards Time?

Today at the Olive Farm we tasted our 2012 harvest oils and selected which oils were to a standard to be sent to competitions. This taste review of our oils allows us to compare new oils, compare how the oils tasted from initial harvest, and now after decanting and resting from milling. Competitions are important […]

Magic with Mushrooms: A Cooking Class

Our cooking classes are so fun to plan. We think of unique foods and approaches that include fun and delicious foods. The result is always a grand time, lead by Chef extraordinaire Marvin Martin. He tells great stories while showing guests how to put together meals that cooks from beginners to experts can tackle. We […]

Cooking with Class at Il Fiorello’s Kitchen in the Grove

The Daily Republic wrote a great story about the Valentine’s cooking class here.   Our Chef Marvin Martin is a classy guy. He can cook, laugh, and teach all at the same time. Our Valentine’s class was lovely and everyone ate their fill of his lovingly made salads, soups, and lemon pasta with caviar. Can […]

Get Ready for Valentines Day: Make a Pink and Purple Soup!

After the hectic holiday season where one event is quickly superseded by another, a constant rearrangement of decorations, gift wrap, and cookie trays, it is time to take a restive recess from over the top dinners and decadent dishes. This colorful concoction is easy to prepare, vegetarian, and healthy. No artificial food coloring in this […]

Pickling for Holiday Feasts

Chef Marvin Martin has shared his recipes for beautiful pickled vegetables that will go great for holiday meals. Chef Martin already showed Il Fiorello customers how to pickle during a cooking demonstration here at the Kitchen in the Groves. If you don’t have time to pickle, you may come to Il Fiorello and we have […]

Celebrate Bastile Day with French Green Lentils

Ann and Mark made a gorgeous French green lentil salad and shared it at the Farmers’ Market in Green Valley on Bastille Day (last Saturday). Lucky folks at the farmers’ market got to enjoy fresh Il Fiorello extra virgin olive oil with their lentil salad. Ann shares her recipe for the salad below. Enjoy!!!!   […]

Ah, Fava Beans!

Every spring we grow favas. We eat them fresh from the garden when the beans are very young and very little. But the best is to let the pods grow and harvest them when they are about 6-8 inches long and still green. There are many ways to prepare the beans. At the Kitchen in […]

Italian Tenor, Venetian Beer and Murano Glass

Friday, June 1 Our hotel is sweet, lovely, and the breakfast room is very quiet. You can sit inside, on the outdoor terrace, or inside in the wisteria-covered terrace. This morning someone was singing on the other side of the canal. A beautiful Italian tenor, maybe one of the gondoliers. They often have great voices. Walking […]

Gelato and Castles and Ragu, Oh my??

Urbino This morning at breakfast I had soft-boiled eggs with yolks the color of brilliant orange. A striking color in the morning. Due cappuccino, two warm and luscious coffees, make a perfect quiet breakfast. We have been staying at the Frederico II, a hotel owned by The Pieralisi Corporation in Jesi. Its name comes from […]


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