Cooking with Class at Il Fiorello’s Kitchen in the Grove

The Daily Republic wrote a great story about the Valentine’s cooking class here.


Our Chef Marvin Martin is a classy guy. He can cook, laugh, and teach all at the same time. Our Valentine’s class was lovely and everyone ate their fill of his lovingly made salads, soups, and lemon pasta with caviar. Can you imagine ! I made pizzelles with biscotti liquor and olive oil. Sweet Italian wafer cookies with an intricate design. Just like eating air, but better with the cream chantilly in the middle. Similar to cannoli but not fried. Does this justify eating 5? Of course on Valentine’s Day. At the completion of the class, we treated our guests with a dessert of chocolate truffles made with olive oil and a tasting of Cabernet from Mankas Hill Vineyards. All had a wonderful time and went home feeling very pampered and happy.

Pickling class. Preserving the bounty of our produce, Chef Martin pickled until the cows came home. We had pickled green and yellow beans, Brussels sprouts, carrots, onions(my favorite), turnips ( my second favorite), and roasted beets. Sweet and sour, each with a special blend of seasonings. They were wonderful. Everyone went home with a sampling and we were able to sell all the rest in the retail shop. These pickled delights were a treat to serve as an appetizer before dinner. A friend just opened the jar and ate the whole jar of turnips standing in the kitchen! Pure pickled bliss. This is a class we will absolutely repeat this summer and fall.


If you are interested in our classes, please come by or call and get on our email list. We let folks know what’s coming up.