Farm Life

Planting in the Garden

Everything seems early again this year. We are responding to Mother Nature’s calls of Spring even though it is only February. I feel sorry for my friends back East in all the cold and snow. I hope this blog gives them hope for planting. Everyone has spring fever here at IL Fiorello. We are busy getting […]

Farming in the Winter, Sights to See and Appreciate

  In the winter things are quiet in the olive groves, but the animals are still active. We grow olives, lavender, citrus, and figs, and have a culinary garden. The olives grow at our home in Green Valley and at our Farm in Suisun Valley. If you live in an olive grove you have animals, […]

Sustainable, Intelligent Farming

Il Fiorello goes solar! We have installed solar panels on our Visitors Center and on our Mill Barn to capture the brilliant sunshine energy of Suisun Valley. We decided to make the commitment and do what we really believe in, using a better way to produce energy. As we expand the Visitors Center we will […]

Solano County’s Stand Against Olive Fly

THE SOLANO COUNTY OLIVE GROWERS MEETING REGARDING THE OLIVE FLY INFESTATION FEB 28, 2014 This is a synopsis of the olive fly meeting held on Feb 28, 2014 in Solano County. This represents information given to participants by experts in the field. As with any synopsis this does not constitute a complete coverage of the […]

Olive Fly: Time to Start Spraying

The olive fruit fly, Bactrocera oleae (Rossi) (Diptera:Tephritidae), is an important pest to be very aware of if you grow olives (Olea europaea). This pest was introduced and invaded California around 1998, and spread rapidly throughout the state and northern Mexico (Rice et al., 2003). It is very prevalent in Europe. We are spraying our […]

The Owls of Il Fiorello

We have an owl! There are lots of owls in the valley but this one has chosen to grace us with her presence. Earlier this year we had an eagle and then found remnants of an owl that became dinner. We did not think that we would have owlets this year. BUT! On Saturday June […]


After the very long hours of harvest and milling, we pruned our trees – all 1,400! Fortunately we have a crew to help that is knowledgeable and works very hard. Mark and I just follow behind and pick up the trimmings. We plop them into the trailer and then to the compost pile. The truck […]

Mother Nature vs Mother Nature

There is a battle between Mother Nature and Mother Nature. Our olive trees are growing and more trees are better for our carbon footprint offset. But we are also growing bugs , weeds, and some unwanted animals are living in my grove. So a balance is important. Although we are not certified organic, we practice […]


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