Sustainable, Intelligent Farming

IFOOC Solar PanelsIl Fiorello goes solar! We have installed solar panels on our Visitors Center and on our Mill Barn to capture the brilliant sunshine energy of Suisun Valley. We decided to make the commitment and do what we really believe in, using a better way to produce energy. As we expand the Visitors Center we will be adding more panels and it is our hope to expand the solar array to fully support our energy requirements. As the saying goes this is a good thing, and about time too.

To further our commitment to use resources more efficiently, we are mulching and composting to improve soil quality, conserve water, and to add nutrients to our soil. Much of the trimmings from our pruning, as well as the remaining olive material after making oil are used in our compost. It just makes sense to use what we have and be as self-sufficient and productive as possible. Olive trees are drought tolerant but we want ours to thrive so we are monitoring water usage by weekly calculations of both temperature and humidity. We want to produce good food for you.

National Geographic Magazine recently published an article titled “EAT, The New Food Revolution” (May 2014). A team of scientists were confronted with one simple question: How can the world double the availability of food while simultaneously cutting the environmental harm caused by agriculture? After analyzing reams of data on agriculture and the environment, they proposed five steps that could solve the world’s food dilemma.


Step One: Freeze agriculture’s footprint internationally

Step Two: Grow more on farms we have

Step Three: Use resources more efficiently

Step Four: Shift diets

Step Five: Reduce Waste


Read the entire article at National Geographic Magazine, May 2014, pp 26-59.

We love to have conversations about what we are doing to help a demanding world, come visit and we can discuss our plan.