There are always so many questions about milling olives, and making extra virgin olive oil.

Here is the simplified synopsis:  good fruit, meaning good olives, makes good oil!


The process

  1. Olives are delivered to the mill the same day they are harvested


2. Olives are inspected and photographed and the temperature is documented


3. Olives are weighed (olives minus bin = weight of fruit)


4. Olives are washed, very lightly


5. Olives (including pit, skin and tissue) are crushed in the hammer mill crusher


6. Olives are malaxed (mixing and warming)


7. Centrifuge Number 1, the Decanter, separates material (pit, skin and tissue) from the oil


8. Centrifuge Number 2, the Valente, clarifying the oil


9. Storage 62° F, cold, dark and under an inert gas


10. Decanting is important and should happen in 6-10 weeks after milling


You can make good oil with good olives and good machinery. We learn new techniques every year and experience is valuable. With climate change, and general warming, we at IL Fiorello, have made significant changes to our methods and internal temperatures during milling.


The result is great oil.