Fun For the Family

Suisun Valley, Calif., is the spot to visit for anybody in Northern California. The leaves are changing (yes, the West does have beautiful changes – no matter what Easterners think!). Pumpkins are bountiful in Suisun Valley, as are great fruits and vegetables offered by valley growers.

Here’s the great news. Families can come visit Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and activities are plentiful for everybody. Here at Il Fiorello we have food catered by Gigi on Vintage Caffe, internationally recognized olive oil, balsamic reductions and tours of our brand-new Pieralisi mill (the only one of its type at this time in North America.)

May we suggest that you try our new blood orange balsamic reduction? It is flying off the shelves.

While you are here, make sure to visit our retail room.

We are so excited about our herb and citrus gardens, and our newest olive grove is growing nicely. We’ll even have olives from our new trees this year. Make sure to tour the rest of Suisun Valley, where award-winning wines are are produced and growers put out the most wonderful fruits and vegetables in the world.