Chocolate, Olive Oil, and Dolcetto

Olive Oil TrufflesHere at Il Fiorello, we like to play with unique pairings of olive oil, food, and selected wines.

One of our favorite pairings is chocolate olive oil truffles and Galvan Family Cellars’ Dolcetto dessert wine.  This pairing in particular is mouth-wateringly delicious.  The truffles are made with dark chocolate and our Leccino olive oil, a winning combination if ever there was one.  The silky, yet pungent, Leccino blends with the chocolate such that the truffles positively melt in your mouth.  Adding the dessert wine, 99% Dolcetto grapes blended with 1% brandy, only heightens the flavors with its notes of dark plum and cherry.  The complex flavors of the chocolate, oil, and wine make this the perfect afternoon indulgence.

So many people have tried wine and chocolate but have you ever considered throwing olive oil into the mix?  Keep in touch for more fun food and oil pairings from Il Fiorello and Chef Marvin Martin.