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Real Good Fish

Three cooks. three ways to serve fish.

Real Good Fish’s motto is: Here Fishy, Fishy.

Today we were lucky to get Sand Dabs. Pacific Sand Dabs are a variety of flatfish. Small in size and are a sustainable fish in our Northern California waters.  How to prepare this fish? We present three cooks and fish three ways. All three ways are delicious. The goal is to not overcook the fish. These are very delicate and must be cooked gently. In all three methods the fish cooks for only about 3 minutes per side. Lemon is this fish’s friend so add a fresh squeeze to each method of preparation.

Cook #1: IL Fiorello

Sous Chef Justin washed, cleaned, dredged the fish in panko bread crumbs, a little salt and pepper and fried them in oil. He served them with fermented raspberries. What a fantastic taste treat. Our staff ate them right from the pan. Gone in 2 minutes with lots of smiles.

All the staff ate their sand dabs before anyone could get a finished picture. It was that good. Really good. Thanks Justin!

Cook #2: The Sievers

Marinate the sand dabs in soy sauce, aji mirin, olive oil, salt and pepper for about 30 minutes. Then sauté gently and serve over rice with an Asian cucumber and carrot salad. The Asian method.

Cook #3: Revel and Schwartz

Sauté in cream, butter, salt and pepper, add capers and serve with vegetables and rice. A French take on a perfect fish dish.

The picture came from Real Good Fish and their recipe suggestions.

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