July 2022 Best in California

June was a wild and busy month at IL Fiorello. Lavender weekend was a huge success, and everyone had a great time. We laughed, ate, and enjoyed all things, Lavender. The Lavender martinis were enjoyed by all and were especially popular.

IL Fiorello is going back to its roots! Literally and figuratively!

Olives have a shallow root system, but IL Fiorello has a large expansive root system for our guests, our customers, and our staff, and an expanding tree crown. We are planting more trees, expanding our gardens, and enjoying the beautiful patio overlooking the rose garden.

Speaking of crowns, IL Fiorello put another jewel in our crown with a Best in Show, Best in California, at the California State Fair for our Co-Milled Kaffir/Makrut Lime Oil. Made with organic lime leaves and a secret milling process.


This oil pairs very well with ceviche, sushi, guacamole, and hummus. We will have another Golden Bear to add to our awards. We are immensely proud of our accomplishments.

Before the turmoil of the last few years IL Fiorello grew stronger and stronger. We expanded our business by milling more custom oils and serving our guests. Our lunches were extremely popular, but now we return to our roots of our classic comparative olive oil tasting with unique food pairing. Olive Oil is a very valuable food product, and we are trying to expand your palate with expressive food pairing.

At the Farm we are now returning to a daily presentation of Chef crafted Charcuterie Boards, Cheese Boards, and a Soup of the Month. June is Ajo Blanco a cold almond and garlic soup traditionally from Spain. It is one of my very favorite soups with a large olive oil drizzle at presentation.

In July we will be serving a cold cucumber soup originating in France, with our French Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Refreshing and delicious. So beautiful.

Additional items are often a grand surprise for new guests. Our Chicken girls give us Farm Fresh eggs for our eggs n’ eggs presentation. Seaweed caviar is sustainable and delicious.

We aim to enhance our customers sensory enjoyment with a unique set of smells, sights, sounds and textures. Great food makes great oil better and great oil makes food better.

Back to our roots will mean gracious service and lots of fun and excellent oil.

Our expanded capacity in the mill will be much more efficient in both production and time.  We will accommodate more customers and extract more oil. This is a huge growth improvement for IL Fiorello. Now it is July and half the year has passed. We are now beginning to look afhead to preparing for harvest and milling season. It does not seem possible that we are still in COVID precautions after such a long time.

Think ahead to a wonderful safe summer and we will be ready to mill this Fall.