MARCH 2019

In like a lion and out like a lamb, or this year in like a lamb and out like a lion. Either way, Lake Berryessa is full and we will have water for irrigation beginning in April. That is impressive given the last few years of drought.  Each year is different, and a lesson in farming is that each new year holds opportunities and challenges.  

March heralds Spring. Time change; Spring Forward. More light and lovely Spring evenings to enjoy; Spring greens from the garden.  Also, the Sievers’ Birthdays. LET’S CELEBRATE !

Irish cooking classes and Irish celebrations. Lots of fun and great eating in our Irish Cooking class. We had a little nip of the Irish favorite, Guinness after the class. And some Irish coffee before the class. Surprises all around.  Learning, eating, and enjoying is a great way to celebrate with friends.

In the olive grove, the trees are trying to begin to set their bloom.  This is the first harbinger of our olive crop for this year. We wish for a little rain, no hail and no strong winds. But in Suisun Valley the wind is always in our favor as our olives are wind pollinated and our main pollinator is the Pendolino Variety.

 We expect our bees to return next month to enjoy the blossoms, but they do not have a large role in pollination of the trees.  Bees are important on a bio-diverse farm, and they love our lavender.  We have honey for sale in our retail room.

In the gardens, all our spring onions, new lettuce, radishes and kale are already on our tasting plates at the Visitor Center. Tender and delicious, the Chefs love this bounty from the garden. Nick has started seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers, and the 100 other seeds that we have ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds.

It is an explosion of flavors and colors from the garden.

The chickens are drying out after such a wet February. They are still producing lots of eggs, and we all look forward to our egg class in April: It’s All About Eggs. Poached, Fried, Soufflé, Frittatas…lots to discuss in the egg class. Lots of delicious foods to cook and eat together.

We will have green eggs and ham if I have any say in the menu.