A Professor of Food Marketing in Philadelphia, John Stanton PhD, says Food is Love Not Medicine. Why do packages promote cures and not deliciousness and emotion? We are all about deliciousness at IL Fiorello.  

“Taste is another leading reason to buy food. Another reason is that it makes me feel good about eating and serving food with and to family and friends.” Stanton is so correct.

Food and meal preparation are ways that most societies show love, respect and nurturing, especially among family members. He says “think of how we celebrate life’s great events, marriages are followed by a meal, deaths usually with a wake with lots of food. People who are dating usually go out to dinner. Religious ceremonies often involve meals. Proms have meals. Many people celebrate anniversaries with romantic meals together. Food and meals are an essential aspect of life.”

At IL Fiorello, we celebrate what we grow by serving great oils and tasty foods. We love to engage in conversations about our oils and what we grow on our Farm. We love to show guests our gardens, groves, and yes our “girls” our chickens.

This connects us together, it is enjoyment and love.

On Mother’s Day weekend we will be honoring Mothers with a tea. But what a tea; with cakes, and

A fantastic constructed cheese tower, and flowers and fun.  

Wear your fantastic hats and come out and enjoy the flowers.

A sweet gift for husbands to give their wives, for daughters to come with their Mom’s, for sons to enjoy a meal with their wives and Mom’s. Maybe Mothers to be. Or, Mom’s to give to daughters for a special love. I have two daughters and I wish they could be with me at this special and fun event. All are welcome. Last year we had a darling youngster who saved her babysitting money and brought her Mom to the celebration. Very special.

Dad’s weekend is special also. We have a great Grilling Cooking Class that is all about Dad’s and food. Saturday, June 15.

You do not need a reason to eat and enjoy together, but this is a good reason to relax and enjoy each other.

May 11 Saturday, from NOON to 3 pm.

Tickets on sale at IL Fiorello.