Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Great Wine, and Superb Chocolate

Organic olive oils that win international awards, an organic farm that produces great food from our organic garden and the choices of sustainable organic wines that taste beyond delicious. A trusted purveyor and miller. What more could you ask for?

What makes a great pairing? It really is very simple, use very good ingredients, simply prepared, and then present them beautifully. Take the time to enjoy life and share. Invite your favorite people to dinner and celebrate your friendship. Or prepare a special meal just for yourself, a nice treat. Set the table and light a candle; select a perfect flower, maybe some music to enjoy with dinner. Set aside the cell phones and television and have a conversation. Make your time memorable.

Here are some pairing suggestions from IL Fiorello Olive Oil Co for you to enjoy.

Begin your evening with a beautiful glass of IL Fiorello Pinot Noir wine. Simple prepare bruschetta; a slice of warm grilled bread with a topping of savory mushrooms sautéed in fresh olive oil. A great pairing.

Sunday Supper, Our house Red Table Wine, 6 vintages, 5 grape varieties, all blended for us by Coturri and Sons in Sonoma, an organic vineyard and winery. Serve with fabulous handmade Baia pasta, tossed with our Leccino Olive Oil, a little salt and pepper.  Simple, elegant, and delicious. Come by and pick up a Sunday Supper package, you only have to provide the candlelight.

A lovely pork chop, dredged in a combination of coco powder, ground coffee, and harissa spice, grill and serve at your table with our Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Present with a lovely Syrah from our alliance with Napa Valley College Enology Wine program.

And for dessert!

Grilled bread, doused with new fresh milled olive oil, Olio Nuovo, and sprinkle with chocolate bits. Perfectly Delicious

Candied orange peels, fresh from our citrus garden, made with our Mandarin Co-milled olive oil. Serve with a glass of sparkling wine from Onward Wines, from grapes grown in Suisun Valley. The combination will make your life better.

Chocolate truffles made with olive oil instead of butter. Hand made by our Chef and just luscious. Paired with Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar Reduction it becomes a perfect pairing.

Love your oil, your food and your wine, eat well, live long, and enjoy the benefits.

©The Miller, The Chef and The Sommelier

IL Fiorello Olive Oil Co © 2017